The idea behind Chrome Magazine is to highlight unique, international artists from entirely different art-backgrounds.  Our goal is to create an exciting print experience in which the main focus is the artists voice and their unique points of view. This Magazine is our answer to the algorythmic flood of images which we are confronted with daily, by creating a long lasting source of inspiration for those who are interested in art and those who dare to create. 

The result  is a highly interesting mix of graphic  design, photography, fine art, CGI and  much more. Every page you turn you will  find yourself confronted with new ideas  and concepts. 


The core concept of Chrome Magazine is to empower the artists and to help them to bring their ideas to life through the use of the print medium. It is our main goal to bring the ideas of each artist to life in the finest way achievable. We don‘t interfere – we assist and curate. Not only does this empower the artists, but also makes the reading experience so much more personal, as nothing stands between you and the artists and their ideas.


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