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Atusa Jafari

The Iranian-born, Berlin-based oil painter Atusa Jafari depicts naked women and young people in intimate settings, deviating from the typical oversexualised portrayal. The figures are situated in domestic environments, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, where they are captured in a nonchalant manner. Jafari‘s evocative paintings resemble candid photographs, preserving the fleeting moments of liberty and understated intimacy. Central to her work is the human body, which symbolises both closeness and detachment, as it permits unreserved observation without inviting voyeurism. Nudity, according to Jafari, is not a means of objectifying the body but rather an opportunity to candidly face oneself.

Erik Mark Sandberg

Erik Mark Sandberg is an American contemporary artist and academic working out of Los Angeles.

His interdisciplinary practice explores our relationships in the digital age as well as consumerist culture and globalisation.

His body of work contains an experimental mix of 3D-modelling, print making, photography, drawing and
collage. For Sandberg, the use of composite images symbolises the separation that technology created between man’s natural environment and the surrogate reality of the digital world.

His epoxy enclosed paintings featuring strange, furry subjects captivate and we are proud to be able to give you an insight into his practice.

Peter Uka

Peter Uka is a Nigerian artist that now lives and works in Cologne. His body of work features scenes of growing up in Nigeria, saturated colours and patterns of the environment as well as showing local mannerisms and customs to form a vivid visual narrative. In order to get a better understanding of Peter’s
perspective and thought process we interviewed him and talked about a variety of topics.


Gabrielo is an artist and 3D fashion designer originally from Bucharest/Romania. His artistic practice utilises a very commercial look, making for a highly interesting body of work.
Sharing his assets and techniques with his community we talked to him about his approach to 3D design.


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